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Translation: Fairpress
The protests seem to never end at the public radio. Recently, the High Court attested that the elections in 2014 for the Administration Council weren’t organized in a legal manner and the procedures permitted a nepotistic result. At the same time, a group named Kompatibil, formed from employees of the Romanian radio, protested against the abuses of management.

Firstly, the United Union of Employees published a press release in which it draws attention upon the illegal procedures used for the elections held in 2014. At the beginning of June 2014, a number of 13 members of the Administration Council were elected and three days later 2 representatives of the employees were named in the council.

The union states that the executive management allowed the access of the candidates in a selective manner. Besides these barriers, the ballots were numbered in such a way that the vote of each employee could be identified. In 2015, the Bucharest Court of Appeal cancelled the decision from 2014 and obliged the institution to pay for the limitation of access to the competition, but no measures have been taken. Moreover, the union asked for the recovery of the payments to those who were elected in an illegal manner.

Finally, the employees asked for the dismissal by the Parliament of Mr Ovidiu Miculescu (President Director General) and the two representatives of the employees – Nicoletei Viorica Balaci and Adrian Doroș –  that according to the union have been elected in an illegal manner. On the other hand, Kompatibil, which

is a group of 50 people from the Romanian radio, drew attention upon the “propaganda of the great deeds” of the manager of the institution. The employees asked for his dismissal due to a state of incompatibility, determined through a decision of the High Court earlier this year. Apart from this, Kompatibil accuses that:

The above and many other skirmishes are hidden behind a propaganda of “great achievements”, which repeatedly and aggressively uses the phrase “the best year in the modern history of radio” – including in Ovidiu Miculescu’s interventions on the public Radio (the last of them at the “Apel Matinal” on April 20th) interventions that we consider inappropriate given that his image problems – incompatibility, huge expense for traveling in luxury conditions, the employment of a convicted counsellor, a commitment signed with the former communist Security services etc. – can affect the institution.

The initiative group also asked for the identification and sanctioning of the responsible persons for the falsification of the elections and to recover the prejudice. Also, they criticize the clientelistic decision to rehire the former director of the Media Cultural Center, convicted of conflicts of interests, as a councillor of the manager.

This is not the first reaction of the employees against the management of the institution, as we have already written on Fairpress about the pressures against whistleblowers and the public positions towards the Parliament for the dismissal of Mr. Miculescu.



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