Young Slovenian journalist sacked a politician: I’m glad that we’ve achieved a change with the strongest weapon a journalist has.
Translation: Fairpress
Slovenian journalism student who has been working for only six months on the channel Kanal A, Lea Majcen, became a hit in Slovenia and the region after the Head of the sector for renewable energy at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Tilen Smolnikar, was sacked because of her questions.

Namely, during an interview for the show Svet of Kanal A, Tilen Smolnikar didn’t know how to answer any of the journalists’ questions. One of the rather banal questions was the one of how much funds they have at their disposal, to which the Head of the sector didn’t know what to respond. Due to the lack of knowledge demonstrated on television during the broadcasted interview last Thursday, Smolnikar was sacked.

Interestingly, the interview followed immediately after the public presentation on what Slovenia is doing in the area of using renewable sources of energy, as RTL reported.

The footage of the interview was put on YouTube on Friday and almost 60 thousand people have watched

it so far.

For Fairpress, Lea Majcen briefly commented on the event that caused commotion in Slovenia:

I’m glad that we’ve achieved a change with the strongest weapon a journalist has – questions. In the Svet editorial staff we decided to publish that, because the Head of the sector, who receives a gross salary of 2.400 euros for his job, should know the answer to the basic questions about his sector.



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