Crew of the show “Provjereno” attacked while shooting a feature story
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Translation: Matea Matić
Nova TV reporter Ema Branica, cameraman Alan Novak and cameraman assistant Goran Jaganjac were attacked today in the settlement Veliki Pašijan near the city of Garešnica while shooting a feature story for the show Provjereno, reported. They were covering a story about a series of scams for which Ivica Sužnjević is accused of.

We came to record statements of more people accusing him of scams. While we were shooting the statements, first the mother of the accused showed up and started hitting us all with a broom. Then his brother also showed up. He was yelling that he would kill us all and that “if we have b*lls we should come and film at his house”. Then he pushed me in the chest very hard and ripped out a lock of my hair. I fell into the canal and hit my head. For that whole time his mother was still hitting everyone present with a broom, and then the brother lunged at the cameraman as well and tried to break the camera. I called the police and he was arrested; his mother allegedly didn’t feel well. However, after the ambulance came they drove her off just 200 meters away to her house – said Provjereno reporter.

Because of this shameful attack, a criminal complaint was filed at the police station of Garešnica against the perpetrator for threatening and physical violence.

Nova TV harshly condemned all violence and danger reporters and camerapersons experience while doing their job.        

Attacks on our journalists are unfortunately becoming a more and more common occurrence; And precisely when they are dealing with cases that should’ve been solved a long time ago by the institutions. Any kind of form of violence mustn’t be tolerated and we expect from all of the competent institutions to do their job regarding this and other similar cases. We won’t give up on doing journalistic work – said Ksenija Kardum,

director of the News Programme of Nova TV.

Presenter and editor of the show Provjereno, Ivana Paradžiković emphasised that “it should be clear to everyone that persons who threaten or attack a journalist who is doing his/her job are prosecuted ex officio and sanctioned with a prison sentence from 6 months up to 5 years.”

And since attacks on journalists of Provjereno are becoming more frequent, I would like to declare that we will persevere in doing our job, but we will also make an effort that those who dare to do this, attack journalists, be it verbally or physically, try and prevent them from uncovering the truth and inform the public or prevent them from serving to the public good, we will do everything in order for them to be swiftly and accordingly punished for that – said Paradžiković.

In a post on her Facebook profile, former reporter of Nova TV and the show Provjereno Danka Derifaj called upon the Government of the Republic of Croatia to “react and realise that if they are burying journalism, they are going to bury their children in this environment”.



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