Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) called on the Republic of Croatia to ensure justice for Dušan Miljuš
Translation: Fairpress
Last week, on 16 May this year, the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) reported that they’ve sent a letter to the Attorney General of the Republic of Croatia, Dinko Cvitan, and the Government of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, regarding the case of the unsanctioned attack on journalist Dušan Miljuš which took place on 2 June 2008. In the letter they expressed concern and called upon a second transparent investigation of the attack on Miljuš, asking that everything be done to ensure the protection of Miljuš and the arrest of the people who are behind the brutal attack. The letter of the Canadian association was prompted by recent efforts made by the association Partnership for Social Development to reopen the case of the attempted murder of Miljuš and by the concern that trying to reopen this case could be a provocation that would further endanger the safety of the journalist.

As they stated in the letter, according to a report submitted to CJFE, the Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) uncovered the identity of the perpetrators behind the assault, but after this was reported to the Ministry of the Interior Police Department, they failed to pursue an arrest. An anonymous source within the police force reported that an arrest was almost initiated but never carried out. Concerned for this and similar cases in Croatia, the CJFE called on the Government of the Republic Croatia and the State’s Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia (DORH) to do everything in their power to ensure the protection of and justice for Miljuš and to arrest the people behind the attack. They called upon the Croatian Government to support an immediate, transparent and impartial investigation into the attack on Miljuš and guarantee his security during the proceedings. They asked for an initiation of a transparent and impartial investigation of the handling of his case by the State’s Attorney Office. In the letter, the CFJE also asked for other cases where journalists have been attacked with impunity to be critically examined, and asked for the fulfilment of the obligation to protect journalists and media workers, and for the end of impunity when they are attacked.

In order to find out if the Croatian Government and

DORH have received the letter from the CJFE and what they intend to do regarding this issue, we contacted them last week by phone and e-mail a few times, including today as well, however, by the conclusion of this article we didn’t receive a specific answer about their further action. The letter was also sent to Daniel Maksymiuk, Ambassador of Canada in the Republic of Croatia, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, and to the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Canada, Marica Matković.

To recall, in an interview for Fairpress UNCUT, journalist of Jutarnji list, Dušan Miljuš, stated some details of the investigation that were unknown until now, especially regarding the events that preceded the attack and the notions that the police knew the identity of the two men who attacked him that same night after the attack.  In the interview, Miljuš told us that a few years ago a police officer came up to him at the Municipal court and told him that he was working that night when they beat him up and that they were supposed to “pick up” the attackers that night, but that some strange things started happening.

Almost nine years ago (2 June, 2008) Miljuš was brutally attacked in front of the building he lived in. On that occasion he was severely injured, but he survived due to “lucky” circumstances and a reaction from a witness. Despite the evidence available at the time, the investigative bodies and prosecuting authorities didn’t act accordingly with the information that was available to them and didn’t investigate deeper into who ordered the attack. This resulted in the failure of the whole case before the judiciary, and the attackers were released. Considering that since the initial threats from 2007 the association Partnership for Social Development has monitored the events regarding Dušan Miljuš (the case of threats in Klaićeva street, the publication of a warning directed to Miljuš and his name among the obituaries in Večernji list), at that time MUP was asked to provide protection for Dušan Miljuš, i.e. to investigate all of the circumstances of the stated threats. However, MUP was deaf to our demands.

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You can watch the UNCUT interview with Dušan Miljuš here



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