Journalist of Radio Brač, Siniša Vickov, has two broken ribs and a mild brain concussion: They punched me in the head and then beat me on the floor
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Translation: Fairpress
Journalist of Radio Brač, Siniša Vickov, was beat up yesterday by two security guard of the company “Pit Bull”; all of this occurred at the Spit-Dalmatia County assembly at which a decision was being made about granting a concession to “Zlatni rat” (beach) on the island of Brač. During the attack, the security guards inflicted head injuries upon Vickov and two of his ribs were broken.


In a telephone conversation for Fairpress journalist and editor of Radio Brač, Siniša Vickov, said that he reported the attack to the police with whom he went to the Clinical Hospital Centre in Split, where they told him, after he was examined, that he has two broken ribs and a mild brain concussion, and that he has to rest.

Yesterday was a special day, because the most important detail was granting a concession to Zlatni rat and I came to do my job. Before the assembly, I took a statement from the Head of the Bol Municipality, TZ Bol and then we went to the basement of the Nursing home and I watched the session normally. During the voting, it was voted that that item was going to be on the agenda. After that, I went to report about another event at HNK, I finished with that and I came back, where I was met by two security guards. I told the security guards, one of whom was in plainclothes, to let me through, that I’m a journalist of Radio Brač; perhaps they thought I was one of the protesters. They pushed me and told me “no one from Brač can come in”. One of the security guards punched me in head and then they beat me on the floor; then one of the councillors

started yelling “let him go, he’s a journalist, don’t beat him”, Vickov told us.

Yesterday, the Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND), the Sport Journalists of HND and FIJET condemned the physical attack on journalist Vickov, demanding from the proper institutions to urgently determine the identity of and punish the perpetrators of this disgraceful attack on a journalist who was doing his job.

On the other hand, the security company “Pit Bull” said that “while a protest was being held in front of the County assembly, one of the people present abruptly headed for the council hall door. When asked by the security guards to introduce himself, the gentleman said “Do you know who I am?!”, pushed the security guard away and tried to break through to the council hall”.

Thinking that the person in question was one of the protesters, the professional security guards, who, by the way, have no criminal records and are exemplary members of our society, tried to prevent, with their bodies, the gentleman from violently entering the council hall. Then, the security guard received a blow to the head and push came to shove during which our employees reacted in accordance with the Act on Protection of Persons and Property. Only after the County councillor said that he was a journalist and after he calmed down, he was allowed to enter the council hall, it is emphasised in the statement of the security company.

Yesterday, MP of the Most party, Miro Bulj, reacted regarding the attack on Vickov, saying that it’s “disgraceful that security guards are attacking a journalist who came to investigate the truth behind the granting of a concession and that the incident in front of the County assembly isn’t an attack on one journalist, but a blow to all citizens who don’t let all sorts of shady crooks and people suitable for some, earn money at their expense and at the expense of an unrepeatable natural environment”.



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