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Shiba Memu Soars Past $1.5M: AI-Backed Crypto Meme Coin Lists on BitMart

• Shiba Memu, a new AI-backed crypto meme coin has surged past the $1.5 million fundraising milestone and will be listed on BitMart exchange.
• The project employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis to scan the web for Shiba Memu mentions and tailor promotions accordingly.
• The tokenomics of the project are 85% tokens dedicated to presale, 10% to exchange listing liquidity, 5% to development – putting real power in the hands of SHMU owners in the future development.

Shiba Memu Announces BitMart Listing

Shiba Memu, a buzzing new AI-backed crypto meme coin has soared past the $1.5 million fundraising milestone and is making its exchange announcement debut with a BitMart listing – all within just one month of its presale starting. Being listed on an established exchange like Bitmart, which features over 1500 cryptocurrency pairs, shows off a smart strategic play for the project.

The Motivation Behind Shiba Memu’s AI

The idea behind Shiba Memu’s AI was born out of experience with excessive marketing agency fees in previous business endeavors. This motivated them to take action and develop an AI that can scale into various practical applications. The concept combined with a lovable mascot has created waves of interest from investors and crypto enthusiasts who recognize its long-term potential. Shiba Memu is currently priced at $0.0181, with prices increasing every 24 hours due to a programmed smart contract ensuring lower purchase price than eventual exchange listing price.

Why Is Shiba Memu Trending?

The success of Shiba Memu can be attributed to its untapped potential in AI technology using NLP and Sentiment Analysis scanning social platforms for mentions and tailoring promotions accordingly which transformed it from just a cute dog meme into an amusing one with sharp humor! Investors are also looking forward to the second quarter launch date for their AI dashboards which has further increased investor appetite for more utility based meme coins such as SHMU tokens which are available on their official website .

Tokenomics Overview

The tokenomics of this project are very healthy with 85% tokens dedicated towards presale, 10% towards exchange listing liquidity and 5% towards development – giving SHMU owners real power in terms of future developments made by this project .


Overall , this ambitious project looks extremely promising as they have already hit their initial goal within just one month , proving that there is indeed huge potential here . With their innovative strategies combined together , it shows that there is room for growth in this industry as well as further improvements that can be made on existing technologies .