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Satoshi’s Index Revolutionizes Fintech with NFTs for Software License Ownership

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• Satoshi’s Index becomes the first Fintech Company to use NFTs for software license ownership.
• The technology innovation uses NFTs to authenticate user ownership and permissions by recording software licenses on the Ethereum blockchain.
• The firm has no current outside investment and is totally crowdfunded by their Discord community.

Satoshi’s Index Introduces NFTs For Software License Ownership

Satoshi’s Index, a Web3 fintech firm offering automated crypto investments, is introducing a new way of owning and selling software products using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Through this technology, users are able to authenticate their ownership and permissions by recording their software licenses on the Ethereum blockchain.

Minting of 737 NFTs

The firm is minting an additional 737 NFTs at .15 ETH each in order to continue scaling and improving its product before raising outside capital investment. The project does not have any current outside investment and remains totally crowdfunded by its several thousand strong Discord community, lovingly referred to as “Satoshi’s Disciples”.

Unique Features of New Platform

Each verified NFT holder will receive unlimited access to use Satoshi’s financial dollar-cost averaging products and corresponding cryptocurrencies investment platform. Furthermore, they will influence the product roadmap through voting on new features, exchanges, and trading strategies that will be added onto the platform next.

Benefits of Tokenization

Utilizing tokenization unlocks many disruptive possibilities such as being able to own your subscription services like Netflix or Spotify and even re-sell them on secondary marketplaces at a price of your choosing. This could potentially revolutionize how users think about software as a service in general.


Satoshi’s Index is pioneering blockchain technology with its introduction of tokenized software ownership for its users who purchase their NFTs from their initial mint. With no current outside investments, it remains completely crowdfunded by its Discord community which provides unique features such as access to financial dollar-cost averaging products among other cryptocurrency investments platforms paired with voting rights for product development decisions.