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Portal Fairpress.eu

Portal Fairpress.eu has been created as part of a regional project Civil Response to Clientelism in Media – MEDIA CIRCLE financed by European IPA CSF programme. Lead in the project is Partnership for Social Development from Zagreb and partners from five countries of Southeastern Europe are: Expert Forum (RO), Vesta (BiH), Association of BH Journalists (BiH), Public Policy Institute (CG), Association for research, communications and development “Public” (MK), YUCOM Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (SRB), Independent Journalists’ of Vojvodina (SRB). The goal of the project is to establish independent sustainable multilayered cross country Mechanisms for Active Media Policy Monitoring, Advocacy and Emergency response in SE Europe. The portal was publicly introduced on July 8, 2014. Besides the Croatian version, the Fairpress portal has also an English version and 5 other national languages of Southeastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Romania).

Fairpress.eu is a unique and currently the only portal in Croatia, countries in the vicinity and EU member countries that deals exclusively and systematically with questions of media freedom, pluralism in media, media ethics and integrity and transparency of publishers. The goal and purpose of Fairpress is to improve the active and professional coverage of media issues of public interest. By reporting on events in media, such as ownership and financial relations between the public sector and media and the influence of those relations on editorial media politics and the information published by the media, portal ensures the distance that the reader must have towards media content that can be categorized as concealed political and interest advertising.

Concurrently, using analytical and precise track of the development of media politics, i.e., legislative and regulative framework, that directly affects or could indirectly affect media operations, Fairpress gives the public surveillance over the attempts of non-transparent influence of some publishers, politics or financial moguls over the media scene in Croatia and wider.

Author rights

Fairpress.eu has author rights of all personal content (textual, visual and audio material). Unauthorized usage of any part of the portal is considered as a violation of author rights of Fairpress.eu portal and is susceptible to lawsuit.

If you think you have been damaged by Fairpress in terms of authorship, the case will be immediately taken into consideration and the disputable content will be removed immediately if the truthfulness of the complaint proves to be legitimate.

Rules on sharing articles

Sharing information from author articles published on Fairpress.eu portal is permitted only if the source is duly specified, along with the link that leads to the original article.

Links to external articles

Fairpress.eu contains links to web sites outside its own portal. Fairpress.eu publishes links in good faith and cannot be considered responsible for content outside of the portal.

Protection of privacy

Fairpres.eu respects privacy of its users and visitors of the portal. Information from the registration process and other information on the user, Fairpress.eu will not give to a third party.

Fairpress.eu can, in accordance with the law, gather certain information on users gained through portal usage (this pertains to information about computer and information about Internet provider) or information entered during registration process. Those data are used by Fairpress.eu in order to have information about its users, and to improve the portal and adjust and focus its content to its users. That information provides us the knowledge on the content that is the most popular with the target audience. This practice of gathering information, or in a wider scope, is common practice for world web sites such as MSN, Google etc.

Fairpress.eu commits not to use, without the permit of every individual user, the gathered private data such as e-mail address, names and surnames, not to sell or distribute the information, except the demographic data for a group of users without giving out personal information.

Fairpress.eu commits to guard the privacy of portal users, expect in cases of severe violation of rules of Fairpress.eu portal or illegal activities of users.


In order for Fairpress.eu portal to be fully functional, a small amount of data is stored on the computer, the so called Cookies. Cookie is information stored on the user computer by a web service site that you visit. Cookies store web page settings, such as selected language or address. Internet browser sends back cookies that belong to that page next time it is used. By selecting the option “I agree” the user agrees to the usage of Cookies.

Modifications and rules alterations

Fairpress.eu retains the right to change or modify the rules unannounced. By using any content on Fairpress.eu portal it is understood that you have been familiarised with its latest rules.

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