UNCUT: Tomislav Kezarovski
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Tomislav Kezarovski is a Macedonian journalist jailed in may 2013, in the action named “Liquidation”, for allegedly revealing the identity of the protected witness in an article published back in 2008 in the “Reporter 92” magazine. The arrest happened in the middle of his journalistic investigation of the car crash in which the owner and the editor of the weekly magazine Fokus died. He was sentenced to 4,5 years
of prison. The penalty was decreased to 2 years and he was released after spending 20 months in jail. Journalists, citizens, and part of Macedonian and international civil organizations, gave strong support to Kezarovski in January 2015, raising voice for his release. The arrest of this journalist was seen as the extraordinary attack to the freedom of speech, by media and individuals internationally.



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