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In the previous article about the types of journalism in based on the topic it covers, we wrote about civic journalism, community journalism and arts journalism. In this last article, we will cover a few more types of journalism. Namely, we’ll discuss cultural journalism, fashion journalism, celebrity journalism and sports journalism.

Cultural Journalism

The arts are usually understood to include literature, visual arts, music, film, theatre and dance, photography, architecture and design. They cover both ‘high culture’ (many of the traditional art forms) and ‘popular culture’ (once known as folk art). Culture also extends to mass entertainment in the form of popular films, radio, television and computer games. A broader definition might include everything from gardening and gastronomy to urban planning and innovative tech startups. The goal of this kind of journalism is to create awareness of one’s own culture, background, and diversity of the groups in which a person finds himself/herself. The focus is on various types of festivals, history, language, art and the like.

Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalism refers to keeping track of fashion trends. Journalists keep up with the latest trends in the fashion world, interview fashion designers, models and report from fashion shows and fashion events, and work for magazines, fashion show websites and the like. The work of a fashion journalist is diverse and involves writing or editing articles or, for example, helping to formulate and stylize fashion photography. It is important to emphasize that usually a fashion journalist spends a lot of time researching and interviewing and it is very important to for him/her to have good relationships with and connections to the fashion industry.

Celebrity Journalism

Celebrity journalism is focused on celebrities from all areas of life (the film industry, the music industry, soap-operas, reality shows,

sports, politics, the arts, etc.). It includes news from their private and professional lives. This type of reporting and journalism is associated with tabloids and with the paparazzi, who run after and follow celebrities in order to get an exclusive photo or story. Social media has facilitated this type of journalism because celebrities now publish personal images and information themselves. Namely, the growth in the use of social media and its popularity has made it possible to get real-time information about where the celebrities are, who they are with and what they are doing.

Sports Journalism

This is a form of journalism in which the journalist reports on sports events and topics. It is important to emphasize that sports journalism is an essential part of any media organization. Although sports journalism has not been considered as a serious form of journalism because it does not deal with “serious” topics, reporting on sports has become important since sports have become a very powerful, rich and influential element. Sports journalists enjoy several advantages compared to other journalists, i.e. they present at sporting events. Although there are sports sectors and sections in the media, there are also media outlets that are exclusively devoted to sports. For example, the newspaper L’Equipe from France, La Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy, Marca in Spain, Sporting Life in the UK and Sports Illustrated and Sporting News in America. Television programs include Eurosport, Fox Sports and ESPN. There are also many sports radio stations, websites and portals.

Other types of journalism are agricultural journalism, multimedia journalism, medical journalism, motoring journalism, war journalism, crime journalism, trade journalism, traffic journalism, food journalism, environmental journalism, science journalism, weather journalism and finally cyber journalism, Video Game journalism and defense journalism.





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