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In the previous article, we wrote about types of journalism by topic and we covered news journalism, political journalism and business and financial journalism. In this article, we further write about types of journalism according to the subject covered by it. Namely, we’ll cover civic journalism, community journalism and arts journalism.

Civic Journalism

Civic journalism, also known as Public Journalism, refers to media efforts to involve citizens in community-related topics and issues. Namely, the goal of civic journalism is to initiate and encourage discussion of community-related topics and provide citizens with information that is essential for them in order to participate in the political process. Citizens are involved in nes collection by talking about their problems and giving their opinions. Journalists then use this information to make stories and present them to the community and the world. This kind of journalism is actually about integrating journalism into the democratic process. In this regard, the media not only inform the public and the citizens, but also work to involve citizens and to create public debates and discussions. The whole movement of civic journalism is actually an attempt to move away from the understanding of journalists and citizens as those who are only observers of social and political processes. Namely, the goal of civic journalism is to refer to readers, or audiences, and community members as participants, not just observers. Such journalism is a kind of philosophy and a set of values, and at its core lies the belief that journalism has a duty towards the public and public life and that it actually goes beyond mere reporting about facts. Namely, the belief of this kind of journalism is that the way we deal with journalism affects what public life will be like.

Community Journalism

Community journalism is locally-oriented journalism, i.e. journalism oriented on the local community, and relates to news that covers small towns, villages, city quarters and the like, and

not so much the metropolis, state or the world. The concept of community journalism is in fact related to the practice of collecting, packing and distributing news to predominantly small, specific geographic markets, with an emphasis on local news and information about community life. If the topics are wider, this type of journalism will deal with them in a way to report on what impact this topic has on the local community. In the 20th century, this kind of journalism was used as a synonym for the so-called newspapers in small towns. Nevertheless, in the first decade of the 21st century, the interest in the cultural role of journalism in community life was renewed and the concept of community journalism has thereafter expanded and goes far beyond just the newspapers in small towns. Namely, it includes various media in many different types of communities, such as journals which cover special interests, newsletters (which are only available online) for professional communities, „hyper-local“ websites, local independent radio and radio stations and so on.

Arts Journalism

Arts journalism is a type of journalism dealing with reporting about art, which includes, for example, visual arts, film, literature, music, theater and architecture. Here, the journalist analyzes the development and trends of the artistic world and reports it to the public. Namely, the journalist should be able to notice a work of art or an artist who deserves to be talked about and should provide basic information to the public, including, for example, where the artwork can be found, purchased, or merely just viewed. The journalist also gives a factual description of this work. He/she also gives his/her opinion of the artwork or person, but should not be too judgemental; instead, he/she should give the readers an opportunity to judge on their own and give the opportunity to the collectors to decide on their own as well.

Read about the other types of journalism based on topics covered by it in the following article.




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