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People read news every day. It’s part of the daily ritual. Someone is interested the sports sections, others in showbizz, and so on. In this series of articles that follow, we bring you types of journalism according to the topics covered by it.

News Journalism

News is the basic form of journalism. It is the shortest and most accessible form of written, spoken and visual information about an event. News is information about current events. Journalists collect information about an event, person, or occurrence of public interest and inform the public about it. News information should contain facts, it needs to be concise and straightforward, clear, accurate and precise. News in the newspapers has a so-called head and so-called body. Namely, regarding  the rule of the head, the most important part of information should be pointed out immediately at the beginning. The complete news corresponds to five key questions (who, what, where, when, why), i.e. the so-called 5 W’s.

Political Journalism

This branch is related to topics about political science. Journalists in this branch should study and observe political actors and figures, political bodies, political campaigns and events. At the same time, they need to report in an impartial and objective manner. It is important to emphasize that political journalism is crucial to the potential of making changes and it is crucial for the functioning of democracy. Political journalism should supervise, i.e. have the role of a watchdog and give the public information and also provide a forum for political discussions and debates, thus helping citizens to understand political issues and to prevent the abuse of the power by politicians and other political actors.

Business Journalism

Business journalism refers to reporting and writing about

business and economy. Such kind of journalism monitors, analyzes and interprets business, economic and financial activities and changes that are occurring in societies. The topics covered in this category of journalism relate to all commercial activities that refer to the economy. This field of journalism deals with providing information about people, places and issues related to the business sector. It also includes reporting on work, the workplace and environment, finance and personal finance, technology, investment. It further includes consumer reporting, and under this category falls also investigative journalism when it is related to the mentioned topics topics. This area is also known as “Financial Journalism”, especially when it comes to countries in the United States of America. Most of the media (press, online, radio, TV) also include this business segment. A business reporter should keep track of business news from around the world. This includes, for example, events such as launching new products on the market, economic ups and downs, merging and acquisition of companies, the success of companies, and so on. In business journalism, journalists need to do analytical reports that are well-researched, therefore research also plays an important role here. These reports contain the collected dates of all important events at international level; moreover, these reports and stories can reveal various business-related scandals (which is in the end is the case).

Financial Journalism

The already mentioned Financial Journalism in the Business Journalism category above, refers to figures. Namely, it refers to facts and figures related to the financial changes that occur. Areas that fall under financial journalism are news about stock markets, financial information about companies, changes in any financial rules, legislation and regulations in any country, and so on.

Read about the other types of journalism based on topics covered by it in the following article.




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