HRT cancelled the show “Hrvatska uživo” without an explanation
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Translation: Matea Matić
In the wave of change that the autumn scheme is bringing, the Croatian Radio Television (HRT) has decided to no longer broadcast the show “Hrvatska uživo” (free translation: “Croatia live”), a show edited by Maja Sever, Telegram reported today.

Although the show “Hrvatska uživo” was foreseen to be in the autumn scheme, it was removed today.

Fairpress found out from a source close to the show „Hrvatska uživo“ that today Maja Sever was informed the show is being cancelled without any explanation. She was informed of this by director of the Programme Business Unit, Renato Kunić, with the attendance of acting Head of News media service, Katarina Periša Čakarun, and acting editor in chief of HRT – HTV 1, Bruno Kovačević. Also, in that time-slot, a cooking show will be broadcast which will be edited by Maja Tokić and two more external associates, Fairpress finds out.

For us who are employed full-time, there is no work, but for external associates there is. “Hrvtaska uživo” fulfilled the role of the public broadcasting service. It dealt with topics regarding minorities, people with special needs, culture, education, said a source from HRT.

He added that this move is a personal revenge against Maja Sever.

This is an attack on Maja Sever who constantly warns about irregularities. It is completely abnormal to announce this today, while a big presentation of the autumn scheme was announced for

tomorrow. If this wasn’t revenge, news about the show getting cancelled would’ve been known in July or August.

To Fairpress’s question about the reasons for cancelling this show, HRT responded that they’ve decided to conceptualise their afternoon and evening programme differently in the new programme scheme.

Namely, according to data we’ve collected during the last few years, viewers of the Croatian Radio Television resented that political content prevailed in the afternoon period, in which, among other things, the show “Hrvatska uživo” was broadcast. In order to adjust as successfully as possible to the needs of the viewers, the programme leadership decided that from Monday 18 September 2017 during the afternoon schedule the Croatian Radio Television will broadcast two variety shows instead of one. The first show will be on schedule from 3 p.m. to 3:50 p.m., and the second show will air from 5:20 p.m. to 6:05 p.m. The aim is to offer in such a way a more detailed overview of all social and public events, but with different concept than the one so far. –  the Working Unit Communications at HRT responded.

The show “Hrvatska uživo” has been broadcast for 13 seasons; in its the final season the show was edited by Maja Sever, Sanja Mikleušević Pavić, Andreja Arežina Grgičević, Petar Vlahov, Lela Knežević and Matko Bušelić.



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