Emmanuel Macron: I’m not interested in journalists, I’m interested in the French people
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Translation: Matea Matić
French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that he is not interested in journalist, he is interested in the French people, adding that journalists are “too interested in themselves”, French news agency AFP reported.

Namely, French television journalists asked him why he spoke so little, prompted by criticism that he gives very few interviews, and Macron responded that he is not interested in journalists, rather

he is interested in the French people, and that they (i.e. the journalists) need to understand that.

During yesterday’s visit to a school in eastern France, Macron also told the journalists that rather than being interested in him, the media should be reporting on the 12 million children who are returning to their classes.

“But journalists have a problem. They are too interested in themselves and not enough in the country. Let’s talk about the French people”, said Macron.

Even before the elections, thirty-nine-year-old Macron promised to keep his distance regarding the media. Macron started losing the support of the French people since 7 May, when he was elected for president. Polls show that only 30 to 40 percent of voters have a positive opinion of him.



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