Journalists of HRT and SBplus portal attacked in Slavonski Brod: “We call upon everyone to enable the undisrupted work of journalists”
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Translation: Matea Matić
Today, during the morning hours, female journalists Višnja Ružojčić from HRT (Croatian Radio Television) and Aleksandra Primorac from the news portal SBplus were attacked, news portal SBplus reported. The journalists were reporting on a case in which yesterday evening at 10:30 p.m., 30-year old Milan Gubić was shot at. The journalists were in front of the eating establishment Hajduk in the city Slavonski Brod; around 10:45 a.m. a man came out of the establishment and physically attacked them.

For yet unknown reasons, while swearing, the man tried to rip the camera out of Višnja Ružojčić’s hands, threatening to break it, it is stated on the SBplus portal. Considering the journalist, while resisting, was holding the camera tightly in her hands, the man merely managed to break the protection piece from the exterior microphone, SBplus portal reports.

The journalists immediately reported the physical attack on them to the Brod-Posavina Police Department, which reacted instantly.

The Brod-Posavina County Branch of the Croatian Journalists’

Association reacted via a statement:

The Croatian Journalists’ Association Branch in Bord-Posavina County strongly condemns today’s attack on the journalists while they were executing their professional task. An unknown man attacked HRT journalist Višnja Ružojčić and Aleksandra Primorac, journalist of the portal SBplus, by lunging at them while swearing. The police have been informed about the attack. The journalists were gathering information regarding a shooting during which a 31-year old man was injured by three bullets; he died today. We call upon everyone to enable the undisrupted work of journalists, who are often in complex situations while reporting about events that are of the wider public’s interest, it is stated in the statement.



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