Body of journalist Kim Wall found: Copenhagen Police will now continue their extensive investigation
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Translation: Matea Matić
As the media reported today, Danish police informed that the body found in search for missing journalist Kim Wall has been identified. Unfortunately, the autopsy showed that it is the journalist’s body.

To recall, the disappearance of the journalist was reported after she stayed on the submarine of entrepreneur Peter Madsen for an interview; he was immediately suspected of murder. Madsen first claimed that he accompanied the journalist form the submarine and then stated that she died by accident, after which he left her at sea. Yesterday, a female torso was found in the bay, pointing that the journalist was killed.

The press service of the Copenhagen Police directed us to their statement in which they say that the Department of Forensic Medicine concluded the autopsy of the body yesterday around 10 p.m.

Photo: Screenshot of the statement

“The DNA material from the body has been compared to DNA from missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The investigation shows that there is a DNA match. Furthermore, there is a DNA match with DNA found on board the submarine.”, it is stated in the statement.

Chief investigator Jens Møller Jensen from the Copenhagen Police said: “I would like to express my deepest sympathy with Kim Wall’s family whom we had to give the definitive news last night, that we

now have a DNA match between Kim Wall and the torso found. Naturally, the DNA match is a relatively large break through in the investigation which will now continue until we have built all possible information in the case.”

“Copenhagen Police will now continue their extensive investigation. The investigators are awaiting the results of further technical investigations. There will be further interrogations and the many tips from the public regarding the case are currently being looked into. Furthermore, today a large search for remaining body parts and clothing will take place in the area around Amager.”, it says in the statement of the police.

The police called upon the public to contact them in case anyone has any information or notions that could be of interest to resolving the case.

They added that they currently don’t have any additional information.

Regarding the person suspected of murder, Peter Madsen, it is stated that on 11 August this year the prosecution charged him with manslaughter according to the Criminal Code section 237, which foresees a penalty of imprisonment from 5 years to life. For now, Madsen is in custody until 5 September this year; the case remains behind “closed doors”.

BBC reports that as part of the investigation the police are examining old cases, among which is the murder of 22-year-old Japanese woman whose torso was found in the Copenhagen bay in 1986, a murder which hasn’t been solved to this day.


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