Relationship between Turkey and Germany intensifying: Erdogan called out Germany for assisting terrorists
Translation: Matea Matić
Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Germany of assisting terrorists by refusing to respond to thousands of files, which Ankara is sending to Berlin, and is refusing to hand over the suspects to the Turkish authorities, Reuters reports.

“Germany is abetting terrorists”, Erdogan said at a press conference, adding that they gave Chancellor Angela Merkel 4.500 dossiers, but didn’t receive a response for any of them.

“When there is a terrorist, they can tell us to give that person back. You won’t send the ones you have to us but can ask us for yours. So, you have a judiciary, but we don’t in Turkey?” said Erdogan.

Namely, Turkey is accusing Germany of providing shelter for Kurdish and leftist militants and also for military officers and other people connected to the failed coup attempt in July 2016., for which Turkey blames Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen based in the USA.

It should be noted that some Turkish journalists, who are threatened with imprisonment in their homeland because of accusations of terrorism, have sought refuge precisely in Germany.

Reuters warns that such statements will further strengthen the tensions between the two countries, whose relationship has so far been quite tense, especially after the arrest of Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yücel, who is awaiting trial in a Turkish 

prison. Due to purges that Erdogan’s government is conducting in all sections of society, German officials often strongly criticise the Turkish president. For example, Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated that Erdogan is “trying to tailor the country to himself” and that “what’s left of the opponents is being put in prison”. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel recently announced that Berlin will take all the necessary steps as a response to Turkey arresting German human rights activist and added that Germany will speak to European Union partners about Turkey’s aspirations towards Europe.

Taking into consideration the fact that Erdogan doesn’t handle criticism well, such accusations at the expense of Germany were expected. Let’s just recall his earlier reactions to satire in German media, when the leadership of the Turkish government sent a note of protest to Germany because of a satirical song titled “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan” (“Erdo-how, Erdo-where, Erdo-when”), broadcast on the German television ARD, in which Erdogan is portrayed as a dictator who incarcerates journalists, bombs Kurds and builds huge palaces for himself; they demanded that the public television ARD stop showing the disputable video. Also, Turkey had earlier filed a complaint against German journalist Jan Böhmermann who faced a prison sentence of up to three years for a satirical poem about Erdogan, read during a show on ZDF television.


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