Hedl: He offered me a bribe saying that he was going to pay me three times more than Telegram; Lucić: There was no bribing
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Translation: Fairpress
Yesterday Drago Hedl, journalist of the news portal Telegram, published that MP and member of the political party Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Franjo Lucić tried to bribe him. According to what Hedl said, Lucić wanted to stop the writing about his scandals. When the public was informed about all of this, Lucić stated that he didn’t bribe Hedl, and then he resigned from all of his duties in the HDZ, from the position of member of the National Council and Central Committee of the party and from the position of president of the County Committee in the Požega-Slavonia County, however, he didn’t resign from the duty of MP.

“I resigned from all of my political functions in the Croatian Democratic Union, from the position of president of the County Committee in the Požega-Slavonia County, member of the National Council and Central Committee”, said Lucić in a statement which arrived at the HDZ.

Lucić also informed the president of the party, Andrej Plenković, on everything.

“Regardless of the unfounded accusations, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a burden to my political party. I claim under full responsibility that there was no bribing, as mister Hedl claims, and if necessary, I’ll prove it at the competent institution”, Lucić emphasised.

Fairpress contacted Lucić via telephone, however, by the conclusion of this article he didn’t respond to our calls.

A query message was sent to Hedl as well, but since he didn’t respond by the conclusion of this article, Fairpress is publishing the statement he gave to N1.

For two weeks I had been working on an article regarding the business of mister Lucić and when I was near the end, I asked him to explain some data regarding his business. We had an arranged meeting and we were supposed to meet at Pleternica, but he cancelled the meeting and asked me to be patient for a few days. I asked for new contact information, but he didn’t respond to my messages; he called yesterday at 11:44 a.m. and, to my dismay, offered me a bribe saying that he was going to pay me 3 times more than Telegram, said Hedl.

Photo: Youtube/Telegram.hr

Fairpress asked the HDZ what they’re going to do regarding this case and their member, however there was no word from them.

To recall, according to the writing of Telegram, Lucić tried to bribe Hedl during one of their telephone conversations, which Hedl recorded. Lucić immediately denied that there was any bribery involved. On the recording that Telegram published yesterday, Lucić told Hedl: “If you can understand what I’m saying, if you can’t, if it means anything to you, if it costs I don’t know how much, how much money you’ll get for it, I’ll pay you three times more. Money is not an issue. You don’t need popularity in relation to all that you’ve done in life by now. If I can ask you so as a person fine, if not, I leave it all up to you, I’m at your disposal”.

Photo: Youtube/Telegram.hr

On Wednesday, 26 July, when Lucić called him, Hedl was collecting the necessary documentation in Požega regarding the business affairs of Lucić and his companies, i.e. a part of the documentation from a court litigation, which Podravska bank led against Lucić. This is just one in a series of attempts to pay journalists not to publish articles which unfortunately aren’t surprising.



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