Female BBC employees warn about inequality: Two-thirds of those who make the most money are men
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Some of the most well-known women of the British public service BBC have demanded urgent action regarding the pay gap between women and men employed at the BBC.

Namely, last week the amount paid to the employees of this media house were published for the first time. According to the list of salaries, two-thirds of those who make the most money are men. And thus, presenter Chris Evans is at the top of the list with a yearly salary between 2.2 and 2.5 million pounds, while the best-paid woman is Claudia Winkleman, who makes a yearly income between 450 000 and 500 000 pounds.

Photo: Screenshot (bbc.com)

Female BBC employees warned about inequality in an open letter sent to the director of BBC, demanding that the leadership reduces the difference immediately, and not until 2020, as it had been announced. In the letter, the women stated that the report showed “what many have suspected for many years, that women at the BBC are being paid less than men for the same work”, BBC reports.

“You have said that you will “sort” the gender pay gap by 2020, but the BBC has known about the pay disparity for years. We all want to go on the record to call upon you to act now”, it is stated in the letter. Also, the signatories of the open letter said that they’re ready for a meeting with BBC director Lord Hall, in order to ensure that “that future generations of women do not face this kind of dis-


British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stated for BBC that he would be happy to sign the letter and that the company needs to look at itself, because the pay discrepancies between genders are “astronomical”.

Spokesman of BBC said that in the last three years “significant changes” have been made, but the company has to “do more”, adding that director Hall will meet with the employees to hear their opinion.

The British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) called for immediate action in the BBC regarding inequalities in the organisation. Furthermore, they warned that putting the focus on the leading presenters has obscured wider problems of inequality and lack of diversity at every level.

In a statement which was sent to us, acting general secretary of the of the union, Séamus Dooley, said that so far, they haven’t seen a coherent and transparent plan for combating the systematic inequalities.

A statement from Natasha Morris from the legal and equality department of NUJ was also sent to us:

If the people who are doing the hiring and the commissioning continue to be predominantly Oxbridge, white males, there is little hope that the aim of having a representative workforce at the BBC on-screen and off-screen will be achieved.

She added that change must start from the top, emphasising that currently, the BBC board has 10 men and only three women.



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