Hina’s Steering Council appointed Serđo Obratov editor-in-chief of Hina: I’m grateful to my colleagues for supporting my work programme
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Translation: Fairpress
Yesterday, the Steering Council of the Croatian News Agency (Hina) appointed Serđo Obratov editor-in-chief of Hina with three votes for and two votes against. Thereby, Obratov was given one more term for carrying out the duties of this function.

I’m grateful to my colleagues for supporting my work programme for the next four years, a programme which is comprehensive, which contains many novelties, such as a video and audio service, infographics and development of a reporter bureau in Croatia and abroad. We will continue to work daily on content quality and on enriching Hina with interviews, reporting and other journalistic forms, and we’ll keep in mind the professional standards of agency reporting, accuracy, trustworthiness, promptitude and unbiasedness. We will fight for a better market position. We’ll work on Hina becoming a modern,

multimedia agency, stated Obratov for Fairpress.

To recall, on Tuesday, 18 July this year, journalists of Hina supported the proposal of director Branka Gabrijela Valentić at the advisory declaration meeting to appoint Serđo Obratov editor-in-chief of Hina; he held this position for the last four years. Out of 70 percent of Hina’s journalists who gave their opinion, 82 percent of them gave their support to Serđo Obratov.

The appointing decision of the Steering Council of Hina was expected because no Steering Council has ever rejected the opinion of the editorial staff. Nenad Bach, who ran for director of Hina in May, also applied for the job of editor-in-chief of Hina.

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