Ninoslav Pavić: Fairpress is a non-objective media outlet
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It’s been three years since the news portal was launched. In a short period of time, the portal has recorded significant results, providing the public an insight into the most important issues which the media and journalists in Croatia, the region and the world are faced with.

We asked Ninoslav Pavić, owner of the weekly paper Telegram and the news portal, and president of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Philippe Leruth, about how successful the portal really has been regarding these topics on the Croatian and international level.

Ninoslav Pavić, owner of Telegram and the news portal

“I think that in these three years Fairpress has managed to assert itself as a non-objective media outlet. I would say that it has strictly advocated openness and media freedom, not trying to relativize that principle. So, it would be a common thing to call it a new, objective media outlet. However, when sanctities of democratic society such as media freedom are concerned, there is no room for false balance.

You’re either for it or you’re not!

Fairpress is important also because, in its efforts, it abstained from cheap demagoguery, trade union populism and primitive militancy. And it’s so easy to seethe on this topic. And it’s so hard to be wise and level-headed.

It’s easy to be a press, but it’s not easy to be – fair.

What I would like to see in the future of Fairpress is an

extension, blog or sub-portal which would primarily, on a daily basis cover the dramatic technological and content changes that have deeply changed the world’s media scene. By reach, influence and also financial strength.

I think this could be good therapy for all those who haven’t changed media parameters and paradigms, despite the dramatic technological opportunities that have opened up.

Namely, never have quality of content, the craft of storytelling, video and photo aesthetics been so important in the media and so commercial as they are today, especially as they will be tomorrow.

It would be a good thing if Fairpress would continually emphasise this fact. Namely, it opens up unforeseeable possibilities of freeing journalism. Especially authorial journalism”.

President of the IFJ, Philippe Leruth:

“I want to congratulate Faipress which is celebrating its birthday these days. It proposes a high variety of topics related to journalism, not only echoing what is going on in the media sector, but also proposing points of views and reflections which are to help journalists refine their work. I wish the site the very best and hope it will go on that way”.

Fairpress will stay unique and currently the only news portal in the countries of South-eastern Europe which exclusively and systematically deals with issues regarding media freedoms, media pluralism, ethics of the media profession and integrity and transparency of the business of publishers.



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