Journalist receives death threats after exposing the creator of Trump’s video: He has launched a war against media which can derive to such extremist attitudes.
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Translation: Fairpress
Journalist Jared Yates Sexton, who exposed the racist, anti-Semitic internet troll behind the video which was retweeted by Donald Trump, is facing numerous death threats. The video shows American president knocking out a man next to the ring whose face is covered with the logo of CNN which Fairpress reported on earlier.

The video, which is the latest example of Trump’s confrontation with the media, which he deems to be an “enemy of the the American people”, had huge viewership and became a hit on social media.

Journalist, writer and academic Yates Sexton spoke very critically of this and in a series of his posts on Twitter exposed that “HanAssholeSolo”, who has a whole history of racist and anti-Semitic posts, is the one behind the video. For example, one of his posts that the journalist tweeted is a photo in which journalists and the rest of the staff of CNN are depicted with David’s star.

In one of his tweets Yates Sexton asks how exactly does the work of an openly racist person come to Trump’s attention. By sharing this meme, Trump has given more power to an obvious racist, anti-Semite and misogynist and has sent a clear message that such behavior is acceptable, Sexton told the Huffington Post.

As a result of these and similar posts, the journalists started receiving various death threats, some were di-

rect, while others appeared on internet websites. Investigating further, he discovered a large number of websites containing open calls to murder journalists .

As he said in his posts, this environment is the creation of the man in the White House. There are valid criticisms of the media, many on point, this isn’t that – When you start calling a group of people enemies of the country, this is what happens. He added that the USA shouldn’t be a country where violent instincts are encouraged.

Sexton isn’t a stranger to online threats, considering that during Trump’s campaign he wrote about homophobia, misogyny and racism at Trump’s rallies. However, after he exposed the type of person Trump has “elevated”, he said that neo-Nazis and nihilists “came out of the woodwork”.

We turned to President of the Interantional Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Philippe Leruth, for a comment. We asked him if he believes there has been an increase of extremism in the United states during Trump’s reign.

That a journalist receive death threats for whatever reason is totally unacceptable. As long as we don’t identify who threatened the journalist who exposed the creator of Trump’s CNN tweet, we won’t blame anyone for this. But undoubtely, since Mr Trump’s access to power, he has launched a war against media which can derive to such extremist attitudes. In the mean time, in such an aggressive environment, journalists must be more cautious then ever to fulfill their ethical duties, rembering notably that facts and comments should never be mixed, Philippe Leruth for Fairpress.



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