Reactions to the threat of Ivan Pernar to “remove Stanković from HRT”: HND deems responsible all politicians who do not condemn threats!
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Translation: Fairpress
While commenting the convicting verdict of the Municipal criminal court of Zagreb against supporter and activist of Živi Zid who threatened the host of the show Nedjeljom u 2 Aleksandar Stanković, in an author-edited-and-approved statement for the news portal Fairpress, M.P. Ivan Pernar, among other things, stated that “when Živi Zid comes to power, they’re going to remove Stanković and all other biased and unprofessional journalists and editors from HRT.” Immediately upon receipt of the mentioned statement, the association Partnership for Social Development sent the threats towards journalist Aleksandar Stanković, as well as the stated general threats to press freedom and the independence of the public service media, to the competent bodies in the Republic for Croatia so that they would assess them and demanded their urgent response.

By the moment this article was published, an official reaction came from the Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND) in which HND condemned the statement of Ivan Pernar for the news portal Fairpress. HND warned that it

deems equally responsible those politicians who do not condemn political threats towards journalists and thus encourage new threats, including physical attacks on

journalists as well.

On the occasion of the controversial statement of M.P. Ivan Pernar, the association Partnership for Social Development asked for a response from the Parliamentary Committee on Information, Computerisation and the Media, i.e. Chairman of the Committee, Mr Jasen Mesić and the Office of the Ombudswoman. Continuing on its activities, the association sent the controversial author-edited-and-approved statement of M.P. Pernar for assessment to the State’s Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia.

According to the statements given via communication by telephone, a response from the Committee on Information, Computerisation and the Media as well as the Office of the Ombudswoman is expected within the next 24 hours.

The standpoint of the association Partnership for Social Development is that by such statements of politicians, especially from a Member of the Croatian Parliament, pressure is explicitly exerted on the freedom of the media, the Croatian Radio-Television and journalists that the politician deems unfit, which is contrary to all of the values protected by the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

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