Pernar about the threats towards Aleksandar Stanković: I’ve never stated a threat, however, when I come to power, we’re going to remove Stanković from HRT!
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After Fairpress published the verdict of the Municipal criminal court for supporter of Živi Zid, because of threats towards Aleksandar Stanković, journalist of the Croatian Radio-Television, a reaction and a comment regarding the published article arrived from the singled-out Ivan Pernar.

Namely, in the article on the occasion of the verdict in which a man born in 1991 from Zagreb, who declared himself a supporter of Živi Zid, has been sentenced to 7 months in prison with a probation term of two years, because of threats directed at Stanković; editor and host of the show Nedjeljom u 2, Aleksandar Stanković, directly accused Ivan Pernar for incitement against him and for encouraging the public to verbally attack him. To recall, the stated threats, which were the subject matter of the court proceeding, occurred precisely after Ivan Pernar’s guest appearance on the show Nedjeljom u 2, during which Ivan Pernar demonstratively left the show which we wrote about in the previous article.

Fairpress: How do you comment the condemnatory sentence of your activist for the threats stated towards Aleksandar Stanković?

Ivan Pernar: I’ve always been against violence and I’ve never stated any threat towards anyone. I call on the people who have insulted and threatened to stop doing that; let them express their dissatisfaction at the parliamentary elections.

Fairpress: How do you comment Aleksandar Stanković’s statement that your inciteful attitude contributed to the actualisation of the crime of threat by your activist?

Ivan Pernar: What contributed to the insults and threats that followed after my guest appearance on Nedjeljom u 2 is surely what I publicly said about that and my opinion of Stanković, however, what also contributed to that was the act of Stanković, who didn’t let me fully respond to the question. In the end, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Aleksandar Stanković. In my opinion he’s an unprofessional journalist.

Fairpress: Why did you vote against the revocation of immunity in the criminal action that Stanković has started against you?

Ivan Pernar: Stanković sued me for insult, not threat. Since I deem I haven’t insulted him, I voted against the revocation of my own immunity, because that is my right.

However, even though at the beginning he stated that he has “always been against violence and has never stated any threat towards anyone”, Ivan Pernar didn’t hold back after all from threatening Aleksandar Stanković, by revealing the political plans of Živi Zid in regards to the Croatian Radio-Television. To Fairpress’s question on how he comments the probable civil lawsuit that Aleksandar Stanković will start against him, Ivan Pernar responded: “Aleksandar Stanković’s career on HRT is finished! He’s part of the clique that has made HRT its hostage and he’s using it for his own political interests. HRT is not the place for such journalists. If Aleksandar Stanković thinks that he’s

going to break me with such pressure, I guarantee him that he isn’t.

When asked to additionally explain the statement saying that Aleksandar Stanković’s career on HRT is finished, Ivan Pernar confirmed his earlier unofficial statements about the plans Živi Zid has regarding the journalists and editors of HRT, stating: “When Živi Zid comes to power, we’re going to remove Stanković and all other biased and unprofessional journalists and editors from HRT. The Parliament appoints the General Director, who makes decisions on all editors-in-chief, editors, shows and so on. So, we’ll remove Stanković and journalists and editors like him from HRT, because HRT has to be objective and unbiased. The problem isn’t only Stanković, but the complete editorial policy of HRT.

Hereby, Ivan Pernar confirmed his previous informal attitudes stated on social networks, in which he had already promised to “get rid of” Aleksandar Stanković when he comes to power.

Printscreen Facebook/ Ivan Pernar

However, there’s a bigger issue in all of this. Considering that this is an author-edited-and-approved statement from a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, it seems that such a threat without any consequences is possible only in gangster societies. Namely, the Constitution and the Law on HRT forbid any kind of political influence and pressure on HRT. An open threat to an editor and journalist that upon the constitution of power, he (the journalist) won’t have anything to do there, is contradictory not only to the laws, but also to the overall legal order of the Republic of Croatia. However, unlike the crime of threat that was stated by supporter of Živi Zid, a person who’s easy to prosecute due to the fact that this person isn’t publicly exposed nor is he a person who is filling a political function, in this case the rule of law, the public, but also the profession, remain silent. A signal is tacitly being given to Pernar, but also to the rest of the politicians of similar intentions, to actualise their threats, because journalists are expendable anyway and are a punching bag for all those who are frustrated with their public image.

In the end, we asked Ivan Pernar if he supports such activities conducted by his supporters towards journalists (threats and insults that were the content of the court proceeding), which M.P. Pernar denied: “I don’t support them! I’ve never called for violence, but I do have the right to state my opinion on everything, therefore on journalists as well.”

More to come soon on the silence of the profession, rule of law and policy regarding this issue!


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