Association of Journalists of Politika: Our priority is professional quality and integrity, and we’re really very proud of that
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Translation: Fairpress
In order to achieve the objectives in the domain of the public informing of citizens, the protection and advancement of the journalistic profession, on January 25 this year the Association of Journalists of Politika (UNP) was officially registered at the Serbian Business Registers Agency; symbolically on the 113th birthday of the daily newspaper “Politika”. It was founded as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association, whose president and legal representative is Dubravka Lakić, film critic of “Politika”. The founders of UNP are also Petar Mićković, Miroslav Lazanski, Marko Albunović, Slobodan Kljakić and Đuro Đukić.

All professional journalists of the daily newspaper Politika who accept the objectives of the Association and the Statute may be regular members of the Association, while distinguished journalists who have worked in the daily newspaper Politika and by their actions contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Association may be honorary members, deputy president of UNP, Miroljub Mijušković explained for Fairpress.

The objectives of the Association are advancing the professional and ethical standards, respecting the journalists’ code of ethics, promoting journalism that is ethically responsible, autonomy and independence of the journalistic profession, objective, timely and truthful informing of the public, protection of the rights and interests of journalists, contribution to the development of journalism through active participation in solving problems, organising lectures, public discussions, seminars,

workshops and other activities, cooperation and pooling with other professional associations, institutions and organisations in the country and abroad  that operate for the same objective, active cooperation with competent institutions regarding the proposal, making and changing of media laws.

To the question of the reasons for founding the Association, Mijušković highlighted that the motif is comprised in the statement of the president of UNP, Dubravka Lakić: “The motives for this association are the awareness that the fate of “Politika” and thus, the fate of all of us, has been dealt with for too long by all others except us ourselves – journalists of the newspaper “Politika”, as well as the awareness that we have a moral obligation towards generations and generations of those before us – our colleagues who have created “Politika” since 1904, who have, with their names, made it renowned, strengthened it and created a national treasure out of it, and left it to us – to preserve it and hand it over to the generations after us”.

The number of members is increasing every day, just this morning three colleagues joined in, Mijupković said.

We currently have about thirty, although massiveness isn’t a priority to us. Primarily professional quality and integrity, and we’re really very proud of that, said Mijušković for Fairpress.



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