The map of media ownership and influence in Gorj County: who controls what (II)
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Nicolae Băloi – shareholder and administrator of 6 media outlets

In the past two years, the shares of companies holding licenses for TV, radio and to publish newspapers are in full motion and transferred from one center of influence to another.

The most spectacular leap was made by Nicolae Băloi, which became a shareholder and administrator to six media institutions, as follows:

  1. SC Mediaprim S.R.L – 100% shares, the licence for Radio Pandurul Târgu Cărbunești
  2. SC Top BBB Video S.R.L 51% of shares – ACCENT TV
  3. SC Ziarul Accent în Gorj- 51% of shares – Accent în Gorj weekly
  4. SC Radio Pandurul S.R.L – 50% of shares
  5. Infinit News Grup S.R.L – 25% of shares – Radio Infinit
  6. Sportul Gorjean S.R.L – 21% of shares

An interesting thing is that in this labyrinth of shareholders we discover connections with Robert Filip, the mayor of Rovinari and shareholder in several media outlets. For example, he owns 6% of Accent TV, alongside Nicolae Băloi and Lupu Gabriela Ana- Maria, Filip’s partner. Ana-Maria Gabriela Lupu appears alongside Băloi with 10% shares of S.C Ziarul Accent în Gorj S.R.L.

Rovinari Municipality had contracts with companies where Nicolae Băloi is a shareholder, such as S.C. Mediaprim S.R.L, licensee for Radio Pandurul, a radio that still does not emit but has advertising contracts with the Municipality. It should also be said that the Municipality has avoided as much as possible the response to our request to provide us with a copy of the contract with S.C. Mediaprim S.R.L so that we can figure out what services were provided. Instead, they have provided the document below:

S.C. West Oltenia Media S.R.L can be found in the table above submitted by the Rovinari Municipality and it is the company which publishes the online publication Gorj Exclusiv. The shareholders of S.C. West Oltenia Media S.R.L  are Constantin Podaru with 95% of the shares and Podaru Radu Constantin 5% of the shares.

Constantin Podaru is a close friend of the Filip family and was the Rovinari city manager, back when the father of the current mayor was the head of the town. Podaru is also a shareholder of Radio Infinit (25% shares) alongside Nicoale Băloi.

The links with Gabriela Lupu and Constantin Podaru actually show the connections of the mayor with the above mentioned media institutions. The other interesting thing that can be found both in Radio Infinit and Radio Pandurul is the fact that in both entities can also be found two SRLs (limited company) that operate the licences in parallel.

For example, the license for Radio Infinit is owned by S.C. Sportul Gorjean SRL, but we found in tenders and contracts S.C Infinit News Grup that signed contracts and received the money on behalf of Radio Infinit. Mostly, the shareholders of the two companies is the same.

The situation is the same at Radio Pandurul: it obtain-

ed a broadcasting license through SC Mediaprim SRL – shareholder Nicolae Băloi 100% – but lately appeared a certain SC Radio Pandurul SRL with Nicolae Băloi and  Daniel Buleac (each 50% of the shares).


The license for N-Sat TV is owned by S.C. Sat NORTEL SAT SRL, with the following shareholders: Daniel Norocea 50% of the shares and 50% – Mariana Stoenescu Aurelia.

Gorj Domino

Domino is published currently by S.C. Phasmatis Med SRL, with Florin Ionut Scăunaşu as the only shareholder.

As the name of the company suggests, it was founded with the purpose of taking over the hospital in Bumbeşti Jiu. However, after the investigations of Gorj News, the transaction never took place.

Behind Gorj Domino we can find Costin Crețu, an associate of the former head of SRI Gorj, Ion Făget.

This is what Narcis Daju wrote:

The driver from Gorj Domino, director of the company that was supposed to take over the hospital!

Out of respect for those who did not binge and / or do not have time to read this long article, I will explain everything in the introduction: the correspondence between the company and the City of Bumbeşti Jiu conducted in order to pass over the hospital, is signed by the driver from Gorj Domino Ionut Scăunaşu, who is nominated as director of the company that would manage a hospital with a huge heritage, a hospital on which depended the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients!!! So the driver from Gorj Domino, Ionut Scăunaşu, nominated in the box as responsible for disseminating newspaper editorial, is the director of the SRL who ought to receive for free the Bumbeşti Jiu Hospital. A company established a few days ago, with the director-driver, was about to take for free a hospital with a huge heritage. Do we need to add something more?

No critical line of Ion Călinoiu

Everywhere, not only in Gorj, in the business, political and journalistic circles rumours are circulated – some true, others false – that never get to be written or spoken in the media. After the conclusion of that press campaign, in Targu Jiu was said that Cretu and Faget would have made a deal with Călinoiu in exchange for their silence, to receive the administration of the hospital from Bumbeşti Jiu. I said to myself what I say every time, when you find an illegality visible from the moon: “They cannot be so crazy, they cannot do it so openly.” Since then, Gorj Domino never showed any critical lines about Ion Călinoiu. In the following days, S.C. PHASMATIS MED SRL was established, on the name of lawyer Daniela Cretu, the wife of Costin Cretu. Then the “offer” from the facsimile was sent to the Bumbeşti Jiu City Hall, signed by the director – the driver from Gorj Domino, Ionut Scăunaşu. Nothing can be more disqualifying for Crețu and Făget. They claim that they act as smart guys, but actually form a duet that is in the same time comic as it is tragic. Moreover, continuing to believe himself clever, Cretu mimes the transparency by publishing truncated correspondence with the Bumbeşti Jiu Municipality. Specifically, he cuts the signatures in order to hide the director-driver!

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