Anadolu Agency cameraman brutally attacked: Maybe they were migrants and I think they wanted to steal something, I suppose the backpack.
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Translation: Fairpress
In the last few years, the number of attacks on journalists in Serbia has been increasing and the trend of deterioration of freedom of expression, as well as journalistic and media freedoms continues; the number of physical and verbal attacks, threats and pressures on journalists has increased.

The beginning of the new year, 2017, was marked by the attack on cameraman from the Turkish Anadolu News Agency, Nihad Ibrahimkadić, who was physically attacked on January 5 near the train station in Belgrade. For now, three unidentified assailants attacked Ibrahimkadić from behind; the motive is still unknown. After the attack, Ibrahimkadić was transferred intensive care at the Military Medical Academy (VMA) in Belgrade. He sustained serious bodily injuries, and he was transferred to the VMA by members of the Gendarmerie organisational unit of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, the Anadolu Agency reported.


For Fairpress, Nihad Ibrahimkadić, who is currently recovering at the Military Medical Academy, referred to the attack which occurred while he was returning from Bosnia and Herzegovina where he spent the New Year’s holidays.

I wasn’t on a journalistic assignment, I was

coming back to Belgrade. Two-three of them attacked me, I don’t know for what reason; Now I’m at the VMA after the operation during which the injuries inflicted on me during the attack were repaired. The operation lasted for 4,5 hours, if I’m not mistaken.

Considering that after visiting Ibrahimkadić, the Minister of Interior Nebojša Stefanović said that there is a possibility that the attack was carried out by migrants, we asked the Anadolu cameraman for his opinion.

Yes, maybe they were migrants and I think they wanted to steal something, I suppose the backpack. For now, I don’t know what stage the investigation is in.

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović condemned the attack on the Anadolu cameraman, emphasising in her statement that at this point it is unclear if the incident is related to Ibrahimkadić’s professional work, however she trusts that the authorities will thoroughly investigate that attack and bring the perpetrators to justice. Minister of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Nebojša Stefanović, visited Ibrahimkadić at the Military Medical Academy (VMA) in Belgrade and stated for Anadolu that the police is conducting an investigation in every direction with the aim to find the perpetrators as soon as possible. The Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (NUNS) and the Independent Journalist’s Association of Vojvodina (NDNV) strongly condemned the brutal attack and called on the police to urgently find the perpetrators and uncover the motives for the attack. Also, the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade ordered the police to urgently investigate the attack, to review security camera footage and to question all witnesses of the event.



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