Ankica Kruljac, director of Novi list: Robert Frank was appointed acting editor in chief today for a period of 6 months
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The decision on appointing former journalist of the newspaper Novi list and current spokesman of HNK Rijeka (Croatian Football Club Rijeka), Robert Frank, at the position of acting editor in chief of Novi list was officially issued today, it was confirmed to us, in a conversation, by new director of Novi list, Ankica Kruljac.

Robert Frank was appointed acting editor in chief today for a period of 6 months, said Kruljac.

Frank wasn’t appointed editor in chief, he was appointed acting editor in chief, because according to the Statute of the newspaper he can’t be editor in chief because he doesn’t have a university degree; the primary decision of putting Frank at the position of editor in chief would therefore mean violating the provisions of the Statute. It is precisely for this reason that on January 2 this year the Editorial Council of Novi list declared itself against the decision of appointing Frank as editor in chief, because he doesn’t meet the conditions; after the aforementioned declaration of the council, Management still decided to appoint him acting editor in chief.

Namely, the Editorial Council of Novi list warned that the announced declaration about the new editor in chief Robert Frank would “present a violation of the editorial Statute, considering that the candidate does

not meet the conditions of paragraph five of article three of that Statute”.

In other words, without the amendment of the Statute, the suggested candidate cannot be legally appointed at that position, because that would present a violation of the Media Code which prescribes in article 25 that a person who fulfils the Terms and Conditions stipulated by the law and the statute of the media may be appointed editor in chief, it is stated in the declaration of the Editorial Council of Novi list.

The Statute of the newspaper from Rijeka specifies that the editor in chief has to have a university degree, however it offers the function of acting editor in chief for a time period of 6 months as a well as the possibility of challenging it. Considering the restriction related to the condition of having a university degree for the function of editor in chief, it can be said that the primary decision is a result of ambiguities in the Statute.

We found out, unofficially, that in the future the Statute of Novi list will be changed precisely due to ambiguities and restrictions, such as the stated one saying that a journalist without a university degree can’t be editor in chief, regardless of years of experience.

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