Political advisor: Romanian mass media is dead
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Translation: Fairpress
Translation of the article written by A. Dumitrescu, published on the portal stiripesurse.ro on November 28, 2015

Political advisor Cozmin Gusa claims Romanian mass media is dead. This is due to the fact that those willing to buy advertising space in the media ask that they should not be criticized by the respective media trust. The press is thus subordinated to political and/or economic interests and is therefore not authentic anymore; alternatively it can choose to be free and perish slowly due to lack of financing.

“A young lady was talking about mass-media and the hypocrisy of the media. Mass-media is dead because national capital didn’t want to finance it anymore, it didn’t want to invest in publicity, it wanted praise. The Romanian businessman says: ‘I’ll only give you money, dear radio, dear newspaper, dear local television, if you don’t criticize me. If you do, I’ll stop giving you money, because I’ve already bought attorneys, judges, police, politicians, and won’t let myself be attacked.’ And so, media, you can rest in peace. (…)

Under these circumstances, where the Romanian capitalist preferred to humiliate mass media, which is, in a sense, a ministry of education for grown ups, because of this Romanian capitalism and of this cowardly Romanian capital, publicity-wise we’ve become dependent on multinational corporations who spend as much as they like. Because if we criticize the small royalties cashed by the Romanian state from multinational corporations such as OMV, we have the smallest royalties worldwide for Romanian gas and petrol, and if we criticize this fact, OMV tells us that they’ll stop paying for publicity. If we tell them we don’t care, they have other ways through which they want to bankrupt us. This is how the press was silenced in Romania and a politicized National Audiovisual Council (CNA) which doesn’t speak up, except for one or two people who dare to do so. Cable companies don’t give us a dime of the money you pay for your monthly subscriptions,” Cozmin Gusa said on Realitatea TV, which he considers to be the only nonpartisan television in Romania.



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