HDZ is buying Novi list through an intermediary – money already secured?! – Leadership of the newspaper saying nothing to journalists
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Translation: Fairpress
After the exclusive news that because of an unsustainable financial status and pressures of the banking lobby, Novi list is going into a forced sale, which was confirmed to Fairpress by multiple sources, we found out (by a source close to the editorial staff) that supposedly the second potential buyer, Czech-Slovak investment fund J&T, promised to recapitalize Novi list with a sum of 19 million HRK while giving another 10 or more million to Albert Faggian. Namely, the part concerning Faggian was disputable last year when Ninoslav Pavić started negotiating about the newspaper from Rijeka, Novi list. Cmpletely justifiably, he refused to give Faggian that money because Novi list is surety of his loans put into the companies Glas Istre trgovina and Andre; Faggian didn’t return the loan for Novi list to the bank Zagrebačka banka. According to the newest information, as Fairpess reported, preparations for the sale of the Rijeka newspaper are in the final stage and negotiations are being made with two potential buyers – Telegram Media Group and Czech-Slovak investment fund J&T, behind which apparently stands the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ). In order to find out what the people working for Novi list think about its’ selling, we contacted the journalists.

For Fairpress, columnist of Novi list, Sanja Modrić, reflected on the possibility of Novi list being sold to the Czech-Slovak investment fund J&T.

The leadership of the newspaper Novi list is telling us nothing; nor I nor my colleagues know what’s coming, we only hear rumours. The fate of the newspaper is being decided somewhere else. Therefore, I can only convey you the story “from well informed sources” which says that Novi list is being bought by HDZ through an intermediary, it possibly being the fund, and that the money is already secured. If this turns out to be true, it will be a new scandal on the Croatian media scene. A newspaper of the left-liberal orientation, in which most journalists want to work in, precisely because they support such an editorial policy, will make a turn of 180 degrees. That would probably be one of those “reforms” that were being announced, said Modrić.

Denis Romac, columnist of Novi list, in an interview for Faipress also reflected on the situation regarding the selling of Novi list and on the allegations of the potential buyers, pointing out that in that case it’s important to protect the autonomy of the redaction.

We have absolutely no information on that. We haven’t received any official notification and it’s very hard for me to speculate on that. Namely, the trade union talked about the preparation for the sale of the majority stake of Novi list and that negotiations are being made with two potential buyers. What’s important to us is that the job is done transparently and that the autonomy of the redaction is protected.

According to the notification of the trade union, the President of Management of Novi list, Neven Klarin, notified that a sale of the majority of the stake of Novi list is in preparation and that negotiations are being made with two potential buyers.

He revealed the identity of one, saying that it is Telegram Media Group; no one revealed the identity of the second, except that it was a foreign investor who has an annual revenue from publishing, marketing and other things of 140 million euros. President of Management of the newspaper from Rijeka pointed out that this option is only viable one for Novi list. As a reason for this he said that the new owner would recapitalize Novi list with an amount of 19 million HRK – which is the amount of debts to banks on loans and guarantees – and that Novi list would in this way be unburdened.

We are still waiting for the answer of the Czech-Slovak investment fund J&T regarding speculations on the selling of Novi list. Through the PR agency IM&C, Fairpress contacted the Czech-Slovak investment fund J&T – they said that we will receive and answer on the selling and recapitalizing of Novi list. After the fund answers, the situation regarding the sale of the newspaper from Rijeka should be much clearer.


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