Webpage of Polish newspaper wSieci hacked: The cover refers to the string of rapes that occurred in many European cities on New Year’s Eve
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Translation: Fairpress
Polish newspaper wSieci kicked up a lot of dust and “divided” Europe by a provocative cover showing a young Caucasian woman dressed in the flag of the European Union which is trying to be ripped off by a few pairs of dark-skinned hands. The cover titled “The Islamic rape of Europe” indicates that the articles in the newspaper contain “reports on what the media and elites of Brussels are hiding from the European Union”.

In its’ February issue, the right-wing newspaper wrote about a series of sexual assaults on hundreds of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, claiming that a few of the people arrested were migrants from north Africa, reported The Guardian. One of the articles titled “Hell in Europe”, written by Aleksandra Rybińska points out that the residents of old Europe in Cologne realized the problems arising from the massive influx of migrants in a very painful way and that those problems are being ignored or are trying to be minimised in the name of tolerance and political correctness.


Up to the moment of publishing this article, Fairpress didn’t receive a comment form the editor in chief Jacek Karnowski; however, Aleksandra Rybińska responded to our query and referred on the cover and the furious reactions of the public; she emphasised that the webpage of wSiec was hacked following the controversial cover:

The cover is symbolic and refers to the string of rapes that occurred in many European countries on New Year’s Eve. It’s quite simple actually and I am a bit surprised by the backlash. But I understand that political correctness is the reason behind it. It broke a taboo. By the way, our website has been hacked so I guess someone is very unhappy about it.

A part of the public and certain media compared the stance of the Polish newspaper toward the migrants to the propaganda of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The American newspaper The Washington post wrote that the rendition of a young white woman, violated by dark-skinned men, carries immediate echoes to nationalist propaganda of an uglier historical moment, while The Guardian described the cover as “inflammatory”. On the other hand, there are many comments that contain messages of support toward wSieci and the Polish government, which has said it does not want to receive migrants in its’ country.
Since the articles and the cover caused an explosion

of reactions on social networks too, Fairpress asked for the opinion of German freelance journalist Emran Feros who condemned the stance of the Polish newspaper on his Twitter profile:

This is just another example of how Islamophobia and hatred towards migrants and refugees in Europe is on the rise. But there are still many people who do not agree with it and say that the magazine’s headline is right. As we all know, it says “Islamic rape of Europe”. Just change “Islamic” with “Jewish” and you know what it looks like: Like pure Nazi propaganda from the 1930s. Besides, we shouldn’t forget that Orientalist clichés in general are on the rise in Europe, but also in the USA and elsewhere, especially since the so called “sex attacks” of Cologne. Arabs, Turks, Afghans and so on, they all are portrayed as backward savages who cannot control their sexuality and are a danger to every woman, especially white women.

wSieci isn’t the only magazine in Europe which supports this narrative, continues Feros:

We have seen similarities during the last weeks in Austria and Germany too. It’s shocking that most of these media outlets are not just little, small ones which are rather unknown but huge mainstream magazines and newspapers, read by thousands of people every day. And then people are wondering about arson attacks on refugee homes and other terrible incidents like that.


To recall, on New Year’s Eve a group of Africans and Arabs were accused of attacking, robbing and raping women in German cities, primarily Cologne, because of which at least 90 criminal complaints have been filed.

After that event, the Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland, Marijuš Blaščak, announced a more thorough and rigorous control of refugees; the number of complaints has now surpassed 1000. As for wSiec, this isn’t the first time it shocked with its’ cover; in its’ previous editions it showed Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, as Mother Teresa and former Prime Minister  of Poland, Ewa Kopacz, wearing a burqa and holding explosives.



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