Željko Peratović: I hope the President of the Patriotic Coalition, now Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Tomislav Karamarko, will stay true to his pre-election promise that there will no longer be room in HDZ for those against whom an indictment will be issued.
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Translation: Fairpress
On the session held on 22 January of this year, the Municipal court in Karlovac confirmed the indictment against Željko Šafar and Alen Horvat for threatening a witness in the case of attempted murder of investigative journalist Željko Peratović. The aforementioned people are charged for intimidation of Franjo Požgaj, witness of the physical attack on Peratović which happened at the end of May last year in Luka Pokuspska. On 15 June Peratović filed a criminal charge at the County State’s Attorney office in Karlovac for soliciting to murder and attempted murder against known perpetrators. The County State’s attorney office accepted the criminal charge for attempted murder of Peratović and issued a decision on the basis of the charge to conduct an investigation. The investigation showed that regarding the case of the attack on Željko Peratović, it’s a police criminal charge on the attempt to inflict serious physical injuries. The perpetrators are suspected of committing a crime against life and limb, i.e. attempted murder.

In the argumentation of the verdict it says that the accused Željko Šafar submitted a response to the indictment in which he states that the factual state isn’t determined in detail and he proposes a hearing of the witnesses. The second accused, Alen Horvat, did not submit a response to the indictment.

After reviewing the supplied evidence, the indict council presided by judge Jasmina Štrucelj, found that the indictment had grounds, as it states in the verdict.

For Fairpress, Željko Peratović commented on the confirmed indictment:

Head of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), Željko Šafar was accused under article 139 of the Criminal Code/11, paragraph (1) Whoever seriously threatens another with some evil so as to frighten or disturb him shall be punished by imprisonment

up to one year; and paragraph (3). If the criminal offense referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article is committed against an official or a responsible person in connection with his work or position or against a journalist and his work, or against more persons, or if it has caused a major disturbance to citizens, or if the threatened person is thus put in a difficult position for a longer period of time, the perpetrator shall be punished by imprisonment from six months to five years. Alan Horvat was accused under the same article of the Code, but under paragraph (2): Whoever seriously threatens to kill another or someone close to them, to inflict serious bodily injury, to kidnap or deprive them of their liberty, or inflict harm by setting fire, causing an explosion by using ionizing radiation, weapons, or by other dangerous means, or to destroy a person’s social status or material existence, shall be punished by imprisonment of three years.

Furthermore, Peratović added that he hopes that the president of the Patriotic Coalition, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Tomislav Karamarko, will stay true to his pre-election promise that there will no longer be room in HDZ for those against whom an indictment will be issued.

To recall, on 28 May 2015, around 7 pm, Željko Peratović was physically attacked on the estate owned by his wife in Luka Pokupska by, to him at the time, unknown persons without any direct or indirect reason, during which he sustained severe physical injuries. Three days after the attack Peratović filed a complaint to the State’s Attorney Office and other competent institutions on the unprofessional conduct of the police, expressing suspicion that someone ordered his intimidation that resulted in attempted murder.

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