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FAIRPRESS IRIS, i.e. Investigative Reporting and Information Service reflects everything that is stated in the title of this special program – investigative reporting and information service of citizens, dedicated to the protection of public interest. The “Machine” which we have already written about, 7 organizations and 14 journalists in cooperation with the competent institutions for the fight against corruption creates powerful potential for fighting corruption. However, every project, including this one, is made up of people who are working on it. That is why, regarding the development of the program FAIRPRESS IRIS, nothing is left to chance. The journalists were selected through an open call where expertise, experience and motivation were evaluated. Attention was paid to regional coverage and level of experience of the authors. During the advanced training on the work of detecting and combating specific forms of corruption, journalists from the FAIRPRESS IRIS program became familiar with the latest achievements in science dealing with anticorruption. They are also familiar with the intelligence and achievements of the ANTICORRP project, which is currently the biggest scientific research project in social sciences on a global level, and its task is to provide the  answer to only two questions – What is corruption and how do we fight it? Advanced technology, advanced science, advanced ethical norms with the individual qualities of everyone involved is a recipe that we will use to combat the epidemic corruption. The readers will decide themselves on the success of our project and the results will speak for themselves in the end.

Darko Markušić received the privilege to publish the first article of the FP IRIS program. He is a journalist and an editor with 20 years of experience who has worked in almost all relevant Croatian media. A specialist for economics and investigative journalism and a long-term editor-in-chief of Poslovni dnevnik. International trainer of investigative journalism, graduate of political science, manager and consultant, owner and CEO of the company Mediji i analize. Member of the Human Rights Council of the Ombudsman office of the Republic of Croatia.
According to Darko, he joined the FAIRPRESS IRIS program because of a deep conviction that monitoring, investigating and analysing the work of the public sector is an important contribution in the fight against corruption, but also for raising awareness of the Croatian society that money that the country spends on a national, regional and local level belongs to all Croatian citizens and that we all have the right to know who is managing it. I personally believe that this project can also confirm neglected and under-recognized investigative journalism in Croatia, concluded Darko. Darko has an objective, data-based and analytical form of writing and to the readers of Fairpress he says: A journalist and an editor are not susceptible to pressures, because without the passion for truth, and the freedom from influence, journalism makes no sense. He also makes a promise:

Truth and facts above all, no matter what.

You will also get the chance to read the articles of Danijel Prerad, long-time journalist, associate and co-

rrespondent for multiple national and local media. He lives in Sisak and describes the FP IRIS program as an opportunity of getting one more tool which can be used with quality in investigative journalism. Danijel has a particular passion for articles that expose the hypocritical faces of politics and politicians, especially at the local level. Regarding the purpose of the project, Danijel has a firm belief: Public procurement is the underbelly of cities and municipalities, so through this project the right tool will be used in the right direction.

Danijel’s style of writing and moto is The clearer, the better and to his readers on Fairpress he promises:

Some thieves you are already familiar with and some of them you will get to know soon!

Marija Knežević also joined the FP IRIS program; long-time journalist and executive editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Zadarski list. Marija collaborates with many Croatian and international media. She graduated Art History and English language and literature at the University of Zadar; however passion for journalism led her in a different direction. Her main areas of interest are society, politics and culture and she states that Fairpress IRIS represents for her the possibility to return to basics of journalism. She says that  considering the editorial responsibilities, for some time now I haven’t been able to pursue my first journalistic passion –investigating, discovering and articulating the mysteries of corruption. That is one of the main reasons why I joined this project. Returning to data journalism with the “Machine”, i.e. our database, we will find criminals and expose them to public scrutiny and competent authorities, Marija concludes. Marija’s journalistic style also represents her fundamental belief that the truth is interesting enough and it doesn’t need decorations; the promise she makes to her readers on Fairpress is

I’m crossing out the biggest names.

Mašenjka Bačić is in charge of the large area of central Dalmatia and the Dalmatian Zagora, frequently neglected by media. Mašenjka has been a freelancer since 2007. She has collaborated with many media such as the portal Stav, H-Alter,,, daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija and the Croatian radio on topics regarding society, culture, minority issues and oversights of public administration. For Mašenjka the synergy of projects E-SCORE and MEDIA CIRCLE is important for societies such as Croatia’s, which are suffering from democratic deficit, because such projects strengthen the civic awareness about the importance of transparency of public administration. Regarding her writing style, Mašenjka says it is a work in progress and her favourite articles are the ones she is working on at the moment. To her readers on Fairpress she says:

Journalism can be done honestly or not. I choose honesty!

To be continued.

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