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Fairpress IRIS, as we’ve already said, is the biggest project of investigative journalism in the Republic of Croatia in the sense of engaged capacities (number of organizations (7), journalists (14), institutions and material/technical capacities employed in the project “Machine”) created by the synergy of two big projects; the international project MEDIA CIRCLE financed by the European Commission in Brussels, which covers 6 countries and has been lasting for 4 years, which was behind the production of the portal Fairpress.eu. The second project is called E-SCORE, financed from the decentralised EU funds for Croatia, where PSD, together with six associations and the Independent Anti-Corruption Sector of the Ministry of Justice, is working on the development of the third generation of analytical tools, which should take us into the future, at least regarding civil monitoring of the work of bodies of public authorities. Funding for the projects was for the most part provided by the European Union (90%) with co-funding from the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Republic of Croatia and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
For years, ever since our first joint project from the year 2005, the Association Zora from Čakovec, Censorship Plus from Split, Civil Rights Project from Sisak, Women’s Association from Vukovar, together with us from Partnership of Social Development in the framework of the network of CSOs in the fight against corruption BURA, have been creating a technical and organizational platform for the fight against corruption. Some will say that these are not “well-known” organizations. However, the fact that we’ve been working together for more than 10 years, learning, analysing and building our own and society capacities, says enough. Our research, which the media have been completely ignoring from the beginning, are read and presented outside of Croatia.
Probably our biggest project, Civil Society Response to Corruption, implemented in the period from 2006 to 2008 produced the book “Why bribery is not the biggest problem?, whose results were presented in front of all EU bodies. It managed to shift the focus of the Europ-
ean Commission in the fight against corruption from simple criminal acts such as bribe to conflict of interest as a much more malignant and socially dangerous occurrence which usually manages to slip under the radar. Our joint engagement in the projects BACCI and ACRIP, all of which are financed from EU funds, resulted in the production of the database of public procurement integrityobservers.eu, which was also officially declared in the EU Anti-Corruption Report from the year 2014 as one of the best EU practices in civil monitoring of the state administration.
By establishing this tool, unique by the fact that it analyses all data on all procedures and contracts on public procurement in real time, from kindergarten to ministries, which is a feature that no other similar tool in Europe has, we took a step forward in capacity building for the fight against corruption – an action that is respected in professional circles. But we didn’t stop there. Today, within the Fairpress IRIS program, journalists are working on a second generation of the aforementioned tool. They are working with the colloquially called “machine” which analyses, directs, warns and navigates journalists in the direction they follow. A machine that detects the biggest players, anomalies and their customs and behaviours in the public sector. A machine that distinguishes an exception from the rule and focuses on those who are prone to repeating errors. A machine that distinguishes the incidental from the systematic in human behaviour in public administration, all the while not being a member of any party. A machine that is a guarantee of our neutrality and objectiveness in the choice of stories. And don’t forget, when you ponder on this project, remember that it is a “Machine”, 7 organizations and 14 journalists.

We’ll give you a little bit more of inside stories on this unprecedented project. In the meantime, to make sure you don’t miss any of our stories, you can register directly on the portal Fairpress.eu via social networks (Twitter and Facebook); for users of Apple devices, a mobile application is available.

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