FP IRIS: “Machine” calibrated to identify anomalies in the conduct of politicians will generate names and numbers which will be used by journalists in their work
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FAIRPRESS IRIS (Investigative Reporting and Information Service) is a new section on the portal Fairpress.eu which you will get the chance to read and follow starting from Monday, 2 November 2015. After more than a year of preparations, with the financial support of the European Union, we were able to launch the biggest project of investigative journalism in Croatia in the past decade and a lustrum.
Six journalists from Fairpress editorial, along with 8 investigative journalists – associates from all over Croatia, started to investigate all levels of government in the Republic of Croatia with special focus on local government, state-owned companies and institutions which usually function far from the public eye. With the help of the strongest second generation analytical tools for surveillance of different parts of the local government with focus on public procurement procedures (integrityobservers.eu) and the analytical support of five CSOs which have been working together on similar projects since March 2005, FP IRIS will change the way politics, government, civil society and media function.
For the first time, high professional and ethical standards in reporting which Faipress has established, free from the usual political games, petty interests of editors and media owners and using the latest technical support, will deal with data journalism in a
way that, until now, hasn’t been witnessed in the country we live in. As you would normally see in science-fiction films, data (and not documents received under the table, political suggestions, paraintelligence underworld and other patrons of dark interests), will decide on what is and what isn’t a news story. For the first time, article editing entails only checking for compliance with standards and not modification of the content and the subject of the article. For the first time you will have free, balanced, truthful and ethical journalism.
We, who have gathered in this great endeavour, are of different world views, different genders, political opinions, different residences. Our research includes cities, institutions, ministries, politicians and powerful individuals that we are not personally or by any interests connected to. The only common link between us is the protection of public interest.
In the days to come we will present the journalists and organizations which will bring you investigative stories. We will present the tools that will aid us in that endeavour. We will give you inside information on the project that others cannot give you. Until then, if you want to be informed and relevant in society – start following portal Fairpress, either directly by registering on the portal Fairpress.eu or via social networks (Twitter and Facebook); for users of Apple devices a mobile application is available.



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