Investigative journalist Željko Peratović attacked
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Tonight around 8 pm at his home in Luka Pokupska near Karlovac, investigative journalist Željko Peratović was attacked. The police in Karlovac reported that severe injuries were inflicted on him by three male persons, whose indentity is still unknown, but investigation is still in progress. The ambulace brough him to the hospital around 8 pm and he was realeased from it at 10 pm, it was explained to us by the employees of the General Hospital Karlovac. “The ambulance brought him, we can’t tell you anything more, journalists are constantly calling, call Peratović, he will tell you more.

During the attack his wife and doughter were in Zagreb and are unharmed: “He just informed me that they are taking him to the hospital, that everything is Ok, that they treated him in the hospital and that his is going to go to the police. I was preocupated with our daughter, I was putting her to sleep so that she

couldn’t hear anything. I called him on his celphone but it’s turned off. I think that he is already at the police station in Karlovac giving a statement, we were told by Nada Peratović.

Let’s recall, Željko Peratović is the winner of this year’s HND award for investigative journalism, which he received immediately after the series of Fairpress articles about his life golgota; Mobbing at his workplace by his superior chief editor at Vjesnik, Andrea Latinović, and getting fired from Vjesnik,which followed after the critical texts about Josip Perković and Tomislav Karamarko. Almost ominously, in the last sequel of the series we concluded that “The sky above Croatia at this moment isn’t without clouds, because we don’t have the answer to the question is the life golgota of Željko Peratović really over.

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